IT WOULD BE A MISTAKE NOT TO SEE HER: Six Types Of Women Who Are Pure Magic.

A woman who sings

Image by Kenwyn Murray

A Woman Who Can Sing.

It is in the moments that she recedes into to herself- in your presence- singing.

It is in the steady breaths of melody and tone that escape her mouth. It changes you. It re-orders you. You will feel as though you have been reborn; awakened into a stasis of warmth.

Know the company of a woman who sings to herself; focused on the emotion of the borrowed lyric; committed to the chorus of half remembered arias.

Not many things compare to sharing a space with a woman who is given to- randomly, carelessly, effortlessly- unintentionally building a world of magic around you.

beautiful compositionBW2

Image by Kenwyn Murray

A Woman Who Loves To Read.

The downside is that she will never, wholly, be yours. She belongs to the storm of pages, turning in steady hands, above disheveled sheets. You will lose her to spaces of dim lights and quiet.

She will not want you then.

She will not need you there.

However, you may never know a companionship like a woman who travels with the stories of humanity. Her gift to you will be her acquaintance with life; her adopted memoirs of love, thunder, deserts and hurricanes- all of which came before you.

It will be in her memories of hope, passion and fire- all of which happened without you.

She will know worlds you do not and she will share them with you. She will know cities you will never know and she will walk you through their boulevards. She would have fought wars, healed, begged and she will teach you how to taste life.

She will not settle for the embrace of pleasure that does not threaten the destruction of all she has come to know in the world.

She will not settle for you to be less than a storm with her.

You will not know a lover like a woman who loves to read

Train Tracks

Image by Shane Drummond. Model: Alicia Dellimore

A Trained Dancer.

Look at the way she stands.

Watch her as she walks.

Observe her as she leans back into her chair.

It is the little things that will betray her. It is the little things that will reveal to you the affair of her body with rhythm: the years of training that have shaped the alignment and the movement of her form. She will be beautiful to watch.

She will be beautiful-always.

She will not know the moments when her body dances or when her limbs open with poetry. She will not know the adoration she can inspire in her stillness. Prepare yourself for the civilizations that she will stir within you. There will be times when she will explode onto this world with energy, power and sweat and you will not know her.

There will be times when she dances that she will be like God when she comes to you.

Banana bread

Image by Natasha Fredrickson

A Woman Who Knows How To Bake.

Bread, freshly baked, tears you down to your core. It leaves you vulnerable.

Clichés aside, a woman who can cook will bring you to know a world of pleasure in ways a woman who cannot cook will not. It is more in the sharing and the communication than in the availability of a meal. But we are not talking only about a woman who knows how to cook-we are talking about a woman who knows how to bake.

This is a craft from which you will not quickly recover.

You will find yourself thinking about her long after she has gone. You will find yourself saying her name and it will draw memories of texture smell, taste and love. She will not be quickly forgotten.


Taken from “Beautiful: Nudes by Marc Baptiste”

A Woman With A Soothing Voice.

Her words will live in you before you hear them; the warmth of them- flooding through you.

She will not know that her voice is a sanctuary nor the extent to which she fills your world with something graceful. Minutes will lengthen when she speaks; Time will slow and the turbulence of your mind will settle.

You will breathe- deeply.

There will be times when you will turn to the calm of her voice searching for balance and then there will be times when her voice will be your restoration. Be aware of the pleasure of her “good mornings” and her “hellos”. Do not underestimate the care of her words in the still of the night or the life she can give in a message. Her voice has magic.


Mother and Child By Barrington Watson

A Woman Who Had A Tough Start.           

It will be in the way she sits with you and listens. You will come to know it when she speaks with words of courage. It will be in her laughter; in her steady smiles; in her love for music and the calm of her voice. She will remind you of what strength and hope feels like and it will be difficult to see her without loving her.  She will have her ways but it is that fixed gaze on possibility and attitude to make things work that will never leave you. In her you will find a companion fixed on solutions; determined not to be undone by situations or setbacks. Focused on survival and not afraid to go without luxury she will always find a way.

She will…always…find a way.

She would have known disappointments and the panic of her world falling down around her with little that she can do to stop it.

She would know that she survived and has been through tests others pray never to know.

Where others will not know the things to say-she will.

Where others will not know how to steady your heart-she will.

She will not be afraid to love or to lose and she will make you feel like the world can be conquered.

It would be a mistake not to see her.


Special thanks to dancer Alicia Dellmore and photographer Shane Drummond for the permission to use the image “Train Tracks” as the featured image.

See more of the graceful Alicia here:

See more of Shane Drummond’s photography here:

Other images borrow from the amazing work of

Mark Baptise:

Natasha Fredrickson:

Barrington Watson:

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